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Customer Loyalty & Rewards System

We empower you to a customized loyalty program that can make your customers and members feel special.

Customer Loyalty & Rewards System

A Fully Customizable Loyalty Program that is easy to use

Fully Customizable Loyalty Program

Build a loyalty scheme to reward your returning customers and members. We make it easy for your members to sign up and to be engaged with your loyalty program. Giving out points and reward is simple, and we can automatically trigger rewards like birthday treats. Each of your members can access their digital member card.

Build for Online, Offline & Omni-channel Retailers

Customer Management - Use the true power of omnichannel data of your customers

See one consistent loyalty profile with a single view of the customer. Match online and offline data under one profile. Use mobile phone, email, loyalty card number or any other identifier to connect data from multiple sources.

Segment customers based on their purchase history, profile qualities or custom events that represent customer behavior. Use static or dynamic segmentation in targeting your loyalty campaigns.

Use omnichannel tracking. Use data from any kind of transaction — eCommerce and retail stores. Merge purchase operations from one or multiple merchants or brands.

Customer Management
Earning Rules

Earning rules - Set rules for earning points

Use transactional Earning rules to define how many points can be earned based on details from the transaction. Combine rules with time, segment, location and more. Work with predefined rules or add a custom one that suits your loyalty strategy.

Reward customers with behavioral Earning rules, based on what the customer did. Nudge customers to perform specific actions like referring a new customer, joining a newsletter, making the first purchase and much more. Give points for any custom event you want.

Reward campaigns - Manage rewards, promotions codes and benefits

Define and manage various types of rewards like; discount coupons, value codes, physical rewards, special offers or cashback. Set limitations suitable for your campaign e.g. a coupon can be used only once per customer.

With advanced reward targeting, you can configure who will be able to see and redeem the reward, and when. Benefits can be assigned to customers in a specific Level, Segment or POS.

Rewards available under Reward campaigns can be purchased with points or redeemed instantly when specific conditions are met. You can set different redeeming rules for different Segments or Levels.

Reward Campaigns
Manage multi-tenant loyalty programs

Manage multi-tenant loyalty programs with many merchants

Use multi-tenancy loyalty features to define and manage reward programs for multiple stores or brands.

Use the data for omnichannel segmentation. Collect and process transactions from online and offline points of sales. Any interaction can be matched with a customer’s profile.

Introduce various user roles in the loyalty software. Define rights for browsing, modifying or adding data to the loyalty program.

Customized Customer Loyalty & Rewards System Development

Starting from $10,000 USD (300,000 Baht)


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