Online E-Learning/Training System Service Online E-Learning/Training System Service Online E-Learning/Training System Service

Online E-Learning/Training System

Turning traditional learning or training channels to easy to use online e-learning/training platform. Engage learners or trainers with video, note-taking, e-books, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.

Online E-Learning/Training System Service Online E-Learning/Training System Service Online E-Learning/Training System Service

Why Online E-Learning/Training System is important?

Nowadays, learners are educated in the use of smartphones and internet. As a result participating in online courses, has become more simple and easily accessible. E-Learning is a way to provide quick delivery of lessons with enable the learners to access updated content whenever and wherever they want.

Benefits of implementing Online E-Learning/Training System

Creating consistency, ensure that all learners receive the same type of training which strengthen the standardization

Offer the ability to share materials in all kinds of formats such as video, slideshow, course content, etc.

Cost effective, compare to traditional forms of learning including utility cost, accomodation cost, materials cost, trainers cost

Main Online E-Learning/Training System Features

Responsive System Design

System interface supports all responsive screen sizes e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.

Content Management

Easy to manage web content with Next Gen Web Editor, which you can edit text, image, and embedded media e.g. youtube.

Student/Trainee Management

Maintain student/trainee database, group and level, grade results, progress, etc.

Student/Trainee Login/Registration

Create a landing page at website front end, and functionalities for student/trainee registration and account login to online e-learning/training program.

Course Management

Manage courses and learning content such as lessons, text, images, videos, pre-test, post-test, etc.

Question Management

Create pools of questions and connect them to multiple courses and tests.

Digital Certificates

Award personalized Digital Certificates to student/trainee. We design and develop branded certificates for your institution/organization.

News Management

Ability to public news to your website, updates your customers about what’s going on your business.

FAQs Management

Ability to add and edit frequency asked questions for your business.

User Management

Create and manage unlimited user account for the system with group and permission settings.

Support Multiple Languages

Ability to easily add more content languages in the future.

Support SEO

Ability to edit meta tag, alt text for images, SEO URL friendly, to support on-page search engine optimization.

Private Cloud Hosting

Selective cloud specification to suit capacity, performance and transactions, and scalable.

Security Socket Layer (SSL)

Encrypt transactional data, and keep your website secured.

Endless Possibilities

Develop and custom new features according to your requirements, business objectives, and other special needs.

Who need this service?

Institutions, schools, universities, organization, companies, startup or SMEs (with medium or large size of business) who seeking for online e-learning/training system that can be customized to meet business requirements.

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