School Management System School Management System School Management System

School Management System

Efficient information management of educational organization. Monitoring the academic process of all parties involved, help to analyze progress individually until graduation toward constant learning.

School Management System School Management System School Management System

Why School Management System is important?

Managing the entire process of running your school can be quite tough if you must do all tasks manually then there is always a chance that crucial data could get lost. This is where the school management system can help you to perform the entire work online and save plenty of data easily.

Benefits of implementing School Management System

Your data will be absolutely safe, due to no access to unauthorized users.

Make it easier for schools to keep track of information such as attendance records, the status of homework, how well the students are doing, etc.

Help parents participate in the educational activities of their children, grades of the students, attendance reports, etc. that improve the communication between the parents and teachers results in better growth of a child.

Support financial arrangement management, automated billing and online payments.

Main School Management System Features

Responsive System Design

System interface supports all responsive screen sizes e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.

Content Management

Easy to manage web content with Next Gen Web Editor, which you can edit text, image, and embedded media e.g. youtube.

Teacher Management

Maintain teacher database, attendance, profiles, class, subjects, etc.

Student Management

Maintain student database, attendance, class, grade results, progress, profiles, etc.

Parent Management

Maintain parent database, their children, billing status, etc.

Calendar Management

Specific start and end date for each semester, remark holidays, and special school events on the calendar.

School Portal

Create a website front end, and functionalities for students, parents, and teachers.

Course Management

Manage courses and learning content such as lessons, text, images, videos, pre-test, post-test, etc.

Attendance Management

Recording and reviewing students’ attendance record for each class.

Payment Gateway Integration

Accept online credit card, QR payment, Installment plan, etc. via trusted payment gateway of your choices across the globe.

Billing History

Students and parents can easily see records of transactions they have made to the institute or school.

News Management

Ability to public news to your school portal, updates your customers about what’s going on your school.

FAQs Management

Ability to add and edit frequency asked questions for your school.

User Management

Create and manage unlimited user account for the system with group and permission settings.

Private Cloud Hosting

Selective cloud specification to suit capacity, performance and transactions, and scalable.

Security Socket Layer (SSL)

Encrypt transactional data, and keep your website secured.

Endless Possibilities

Develop and custom new features according to your requirements, business objectives, and other special needs.

Who need this service?

Institutions, schools, or universities who seeking for school management system that can be customized to meet business requirements.

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