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Cloud E-mail Marketing

Automation Platform

Grow your list, engage your contacts
& drive more sales.

Free Professional Templates

Use templates to save time and create beautiful, functional emails in minutes.


Send campaigns at a specific date and time. Perfect for sales, events, and holiday greetings.

Mobile Optimized

Your campaigns will render perfectly no matter what device they're opened on.

Advanced Split Testing

Find the exact content, layout, and settings your subscribers respond to with split tests. Test all variables - sender information, subject line, and body content.

Drag & Drop E-mail Designer

You can customize each email campaign to match your needs. You are in complete control.

Automated Workflows

Create follow up e-mail by combining triggers, actions, and logic to create complex workflows.

Custom Data

Create unlimited custom fields to store information that matters to your company.

Managed Deliverability

We'll auto-optimize your deliverability to reach as many contacts as possible.

Cloud SMS Sending

Gateway Platform

Send targeted and personalized
texts to your contacts.

Bulk Sending

Send SMS with unlimited phone numbers at a time.

Manage Phone Numbers

Import your contacts with phone numbers.

API Integration

Empower your existing platform with SMS capability via API web service.

Support Language Encoding

Your messages will get delivered and read in their intended format.

Scheduled Job

Set date and time for sending SMS automatically.


Check and analyst SMS sending reports.


If you have a plan to develop a successful API web service,
please kindly contact or send us your enquiries.

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